A passion for excellence in photography and a desire to present it as art inspire REDZ to create Photographic Art which is a beautiful unification of reality and his personal vision. As he continues to produce captivating images of architecture, nature and life’s various hues, his commitment to retaining his personal style through the years is recognized and much appreciated in the world of visual art.

Born and brought up in the picturesque town of Calicut in Kerala, India, REDZ discovered his love for the lens at a very young age and learnt the basics of photography under the guidance of his uncle who recognized and nurtured his creative interests.

An Information Technology graduate, REDZ was christened Lal as a child, and appropriately so. He always had an innate liking for the color Red, known as ‘Lal’ in Hindi, India’s national language. As he grew older, Lal discovered that his name signifies energy, creativity, courage and spontaneity which motivated him to follow his creative instinct.

In his growing up years, Lal’s interest in Yoga and meditation further fueled his fascination with the color RED as he learned that it is the color of the Root Chakra, the first among the seven energy centers in the body.The Root Chakra is the grounding force that connects us to the earth and symbolizes survival, integrity and upward movement.

Thus the name REDZ Photography.

REDZ considers photography as a means to connect with his surroundings and his quest for brilliance reflects in every moment that he captures. Having created a distinct presence in artistic photography, he recently ventured into creating product portfolios for some of the most well-known corporate clients in the UAE.

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REDZ Photography
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